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Care for the coat  Bolognese

Bolognese is white, soft, rather fluffy, thus not lying flat, but in flocks; never forms fringes. that need to be periodically care. Bolognese dog has no undercoat, and therefore does not moult, coat are changed combing , like human hair. The hair grows to a length of 10 cm, does not need cutting, but when you cut Bolognese, he is still beautiful. The hair must form flakes, like humans small permanent - afro.

péče - grooming

There are several ways to take care of hair. The most important thing is to maintain a clean coat and no in knots.  I bathe my dogs about every three weeks. If the hair is dirty, it must bathe earlier. I never bathe bolognese without  to brush hair  first time. If it is in the hair knots,  water  even more stuck together and would be a big problem to brush it.

First I clean the coat under the eyes using eye water, and few cotton swabs. This we do regularly, preferably every day,  eye area must be remained clean. Check the ears and pull out any excess hair.

péče - grooming   péče - grooming   péče - grooming

Last check paws, shorten nails and align outgrown coat on pads of paws and overall trim coat around of paws.

péče - grooming   péče - grooming   péče - grooming   péče - grooming


First, comb the coat brush and remove knots. Then, with a comb with wide spikes process again in the direction of coat growth. Take in hand strand of hair and from the ends of hair proceed up  to the skin. So combing piece by piece, until we combing the entire dog. Great care to give on the problem zones - under neck, behind the ears and in the armpits where coat may been very tangled.  It is good to teach a dog combing lying down when we get on very well these problematic areas. Once again the entire dog combing from the skin to the hair tips. Brush and comb must in to coats to slide smoothly. If we comb only stroking coat of the dog only on the surface, in the skin, doing  coat knots, it is necessary to cut the dog. Attention is also paid mustache  which first combing to comb with broad spikes and then combing the dense fine comb.

péče - grooming   péče - grooming   péče - grooming


combed dog I thoroughly soak. We care that did not get water in his eyes and ears. For bathing use a quality shampoo suitable for white dogs. If the dog is very dirty, I use a concentrate shampoo, dog shampoo and rinse thoroughly. This has been repeated again but with diluted shampoo. I wash the coat  in my hands, gently rub shampoo. After shampoo thorough rinsed from the coat. At the end we use a quality conditioner. Condicioner applied to the entire coat, gently massage, let while causing and the dog then rinse thoroughly.

péče - grooming   péče - grooming   péče - grooming

After the bath, to wrap the dog in a towel to remove excess water. Never rub the towel dog. Only water in a towel to squeeze out. The wet coat I  combing with comb wide spikes and fingers shake. Finally, we can blow-dry or let the dog freely dry out.

péče - grooming

For translation into English, I used a web translator. Please, excuse my the mistakes. Thank you.

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